Cupolas are ornamental structures that make a statement of character and style. Normally placed in a prominent position on rooftops or domes, cupolas are a wonderful completion to your commercial, residential or religious building.

Throughout history, cupolas served not only as an artistic feature of a home or building but also had functional purposes such as ventilating homes and barns as well as allowing airflow and light into a room.  Today, cupolas are purchased more for decorative reasons but can still be used both functionally and ornamentally.

Our fiberglass cupolas are more cost effective, long-lasting and lower maintenance than cupolas made of other materials, and we have many styles and sizes to choose from.

Please have a look at all of our cupolas inside our catalog.  Any of our representatives will be happy to answer your cupola questions and help you with your selection of accessories and options.

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For 25 years, Fiberglass Unlimited has been producing and shipping fiberglass cupolas all over America. Click here to read notes from a few of our satisfied customers. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed with the quality of design and construction.

Shipping & Installation

Need your cupola shipped? Not a problem. We’ll expertly pack your fiberglass cupola in our custom made shipping packaging. We only ship our cupola using the safest and most trusted shipping companies, right to your door. We’ve shipped hundreds of fiberglass cupolas from coast-to-coast.

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