Fiberglass Steeples: The Right Choice for Your Church

Fiberglass Unlimited, Inc. has a widespread reputation for creating beautiful, long-lasting fiberglass church steeples.  We are honored to help our customers select the church steeple fitting both their budget and design.

We have adapted the many superior qualities of molded fiberglass to design steeples which will add distinction to any church.


Which Steeple Is Right For You?

With so many options and combinations to choose from, selecting the right steeple may seem a bit overwhelming. Because we’ve built hundreds of steeples across North America, we know what steeple will make your church stand out with distinction! With our FREE design service, we will offer suggestions as to which size, model, accessories and optional equipment are best suited for your church.

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We have thousands of possible steeple combinations. Customize the perfect steeple for your church! View our catalog and see all of our sizes, styles and options.

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass Steeples Offer:

  • Molded-in polyester gel coat porcelain-like finish specially designed for severe weather conditions and extreme temperatures.
  • Molded fiberglass up to 1/4″ thick, laminated, and reinforced for strength and durability.
  • Easy mounting with anchor plates molded in and pre-cut to fit your roof pitch.
  • A light weight yet sturdy structure so that no special reinforcing is needed in most applications.
  • Variety as it’s available in a wide variety of designs.

Choice of Colors

Most of our steeples come in our standard white, other colors are optional. Colors are molded in during the manufacturing process and provide a beautiful finish lasting for years.

Steeple Options

We have a large number of optional adornments for your steeple. They include:

  • Crosses
  • Windows
  • Lightning Protection
  • Louvers
  • Krinkglas®
  • Balls
  • Decorative Panels

The styles in our catalog illustrate some of the most popular combinations of steeples we build. However, these options can be arranged in other combinations to produce different effects to create a combination tailored for your design.

Need help deciding? Want something custom? We can help!

Free Design Consultation

Send us three pictures of your church – a good front shot and one from each side.  This will help our steeple experts blend your architecture with the right steeple and accessories.

It’s that simple!

Please give us a call today at 1-800-837-6211.  We’d be happy to walk you through every detail of the selection process at no obligation to you.

Who is Fiberglass Unlimited?

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    We have the most beautiful church steeple around. Thank you so much for all your help . I drove by the church the morning the steeple was delivered full of anticipation and excitement. It looked beautiful lying on its side on the truck. When installed, I couldn’t believe my eyes and wanted to cry it was so beautiful. Everyone loves it. It is a crowning glory to our church and a beacon to our community. My God bless you and your company!
    Pastor Bill Bryan, Old Path Christian Center, Cusseta, AL