Fiberglass Unlimited has been building fiberglass church steeples for over 25 years. We’ve been creating the most popular styles requested by customers over the years.

However, we realize that sometimes our stock designs won’t work for a number of reasons – building layout, steeple orientation, or architectural aesthetics. That’s why we offer the following options to modify or enhance any of our steeple designs – go ahead and create your own!

Here’s a list of our most basic steeple options and accessories.

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    Steeple Crosses

    This optional feature can be added to any of our steeples.  Our crosses are permanently attached and aligned during the construction process therefore eliminating the possibility of tilting or rotating after your steeple is installed. Steeple crosses are featured in our church crosses section.


    This optional feature is one size fits all and can be added to any of our steeples. Located between the steeple’s spire and cross, the ball is an attractive enhancement to any steeple cross.

    Lightning Protection

    This is an optional feature that can be added to any steeple.  An aluminum basket weave cable will run from the top of the steeple to the bottom so it is ready for your contractor to take additional cable and run it to the ground.  To facilitate this process, additional ground cable can also be purchased.

    Venting Louvers

    Horizontal, parallel slats set in a frame, serving both as a decorative feature and ventilation.  This upgraded feature is often purchased if the church plans to add a bell or a sound system.

    Simulated Louvers

    Provide a beautiful enhancement and decorative ‘louver look.’  Come as standard on some steeples.


    Also known as “K” Glass, these fiberglass reinforced decorative panels give the appearance of stained glass but are stronger, lighter and more affordable.  This virtually unbreakable feature can be enhanced with interior lighting.  We place the light fixture so it’s ready for your electrician do the wiring or to connect it to a timing system.

    Decorative Panels

    Framed panels which serve as a decorative feature.  Some decorative panels can have Krinklglas® with ‘Praying Hands’ or ‘Crosses’ applied.

    From the owner…

    terry-roundOur steeple accessories allow you to uniquely customize your steeple for your church. With all of the different combinations available, you can create a combination perfect for your new steeple. Each feature has symbolic and architectural significance.

    Contact us and we’ll help you create the distinctive steeple for your house of worship!

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