New Church Steeple Selection Considerations

A Brand New Church Steeple

A brand new steeple can be a major change for any church. Church steeples are a big deal. People can often see these towers from relatively remote distances. They can help people easily identify churches as well. If you’re looking to purchase a new staple for your church, you should take the search process extremely seriously. No two church steeples in this world are exactly the same. They all bring different things to the table. You should explore all of your options in church steeples with great care and dedication. Your new steeple will likely remain a major part of your church for a long time.

Focus on Steeple Size

Church steeple size is always a critical factor, to say the least. Steeple heights should generally accommodate building heights. Assess the height of your structure beginning at the ground and going all the way to the top. You should aim for a steeple height that’s roughly 1 to 1-1/4 feet tall in relation to the height of the building. If the peak height of your church is 25 feet, you should probably look for a steeple that’s anywhere between 25 and 31 feet tall.

Base width is yet another important size factor. Assess your structure width and then divide it by either six or seven. If your church has a width of 36 feet, you should be on the lookout for a steeple that has a base width of anywhere between 5 and 6 feet if at all possible. That should help get you on the right track in the size department.


Concentrate on Building Design

The world is full of many beautiful and memorable churches. If you want your church to maintain its gorgeous and distinctive appearance, you should concentrate on its overall design. You should look for a church steeple that can blend in seamlessly and effortlessly with the overall design of your structure. Architecture that’s inconsistent and that lacks cohesion can be quite off-putting to people. Make a point to look for a church steeple that can give the appearance of your structure additional harmony. A church steeple either works aesthetically or it doesn’t. If your church has a form that’s similar to that of an octagon, you should look for a steeple that has the same basic design. It can also be a good idea to assess door and window forms. The more cohesion you have, the better.

Explore All of Your Available Color Choices

The vast majority of church steeples in this world are white. White makes a lovely and traditional church steeple color option. It definitely isn’t the only color option that’s available to you, however. If you’re interested in maintaining a classic and traditional look for your church, a white steeple should be ideal. If you want something a little different, however, you can easily explore many other color varieties. Off-white, gray and brown church steeples aren’t at all uncommon these days. It can be interesting to select a steeple color that can successfully highlight other parts of your structure. Some churches have steeples that make the colors of their roofs look more intense and dramatic.

Think About Your Anchoring Needs

Church steeples are connected straight to their structures’ roof support systems. If your structure has a truss system, then its anchor beams are connected via the assistance of numerous trusses. If you have a masonry or metal structure, it should be connected in the same exact way. You can pick a church steeple that’s 100 percent appropriate for your building by carefully assessing its materials and overall style. Try not to make any important anchoring decisions without speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced building contractor, too. A capable building contractor should be able to help you make a sound and reliable anchoring system choice.

Consider Bringing a Cross Into the Mix

Church steeples sometimes feature crosses. They don’t have them in all cases, however. If you want your church steeple to prominently display a cross, you need to invest in a ball. This ball can offer transitional benefits. It can help the spire move into the cross with more ease. Aluminum crosses are common. There are even many crosses that are made using durable material choices beyond just those as well. Fiberglass crosses can be particularly beneficial. Crosses made using these materials offer reliable bonding advantages. They can also help minimize electrical conductivity greatly.

Stay Within Your Budget

Church steeples are no different than most things in life. They’re available in all different price ranges. If you want to choose a high-quality church steeple that can accommodate all of your budget requirements perfectly, you have to be meticulous, detail-oriented and patient. There are so many church steeple options out there. There are large church steeples available that are budget-friendly. There are smaller ones that cost substantially more, too. The options are plentiful.

If you’re looking for a reliable, resilient, sturdy and attractive new church steeple anywhere in the beautiful United States, you should contact us as soon as possible. We can help you find a church steeple that’s optimal for your requirements and structure in general.

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